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Earth Turns


"Jamie’s lyrics are expertly crafted - sometimes with literary references - while the songs themselves seem to empathize with regular folks, connecting to such crucial commentary issues as the Occupy movement & Global Warming.”

                                                                - Bob Sherman, host "Woody’s Children", WFUV, NYC

The songs in Earth Turns follow characters experiencing some of the pressing social issues in our world today - from climate change and resource wars to social equity - all the while driven forward by a top-notch musicians led by producer-musician Kristina Stykos.


Debuting at #41 on the Airplay Direct Americana radio chart in January 2018, the CD has been featured on nationally syndicated radio stations including MDORadio, Out of the Woods, and WFUV in NYC, in addition to VPR, WDEV, and The Point in Vermont.

***EARTH TURNS CD & the single "Georgetown Boor" : PLEASE BUY THEM LOCALLY if possible at Buchspieler Records, and support a great small business in the nation's smallest and most beautiful state capitol, Montpelier, Vermont. It is also available in Burlington at Pure Pop Records and on Apple Music  HERE.




The Water is Rising video below

The Water is Rising

I wrote "The Water is Rising" after Hurricane Irene devastated the State of Vermont in August 2011.
This video encapsulated many of my feelings at the time about climate change, love and family.

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From the Liner Notes:

Connecting with people and the environment is a primary reason why music is such an important force in my life and in many people’s lives - as a magnet to pull people closer to each other and their surroundings, uniting all different walks of life toward a common purpose, a sense of humanity. This project was a great example of that.

Armed with a few songs I’d written over the years and some ideas about arrangements to make them better, I began conversations in 2016 with Kristina at Pepperbox Studio, and the project began to take shape. The clarity of Kristina’s inner ear, her top-notch production chops, and her wide-ranging musical talent all immediately moved these songs forward, as she added in layers of thoughtful instrumentation and brought in some of the best players in Vermont and New Hampshire to round out the sound – Jeff Berlin on drums, Patrick Ross on fiddle, and Gary Hubbard on trumpet.  Together, these incredible musicians helped propel these songs from mere ideas to the fleshed-out stories you hear here, a testament to their amazing talent. To them I give my most heartfelt thanks.

In addition to these musicians, I’d like to thank my family for encouraging this secret passion of mine; to my parents who imbued me with a sense of curiosity for words and music; to my brother John whose love of music first helped me appreciate its power; to Kristen who prompted me to get in to the studio; and finally to my children Dylan, Aidan, and Elia, to whom this EP is dedicated. Thank you all, I hope you enjoy these songs.


Produced by Kristina Stykos

Recorded & mixed by Kristina Stykos at Pepperbox Studio, Chelsea VT

Mastered by Lane Gibson, Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering, Charlotte VT

Package Design & CD Manufacturing by Discmakers

A portion of the proceeds from this EP will be donated to the Vermont Foodbank

©2017 Thunder Ridge Records

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